How to nail that Kickstarter campaign

Remember how you had this great idea about super-duper future piece-of-the-art project, but you couldn’t find the right financier who would appreciate your enthusiasm and want to invest the money in it? Well, those times are over  because Kickstarter came to town (which means you don’t have to beg your mom/aunt/uncle/grandma/friend to loan you a money anymore. *score*).

Just imagine all those people out there who feel as much as enthusiastic about your idea as you are.

But,  wait! Before you head to Kickstarter page, there are some things you would like to know before.

Below are (proven) steps that will help you to nail that Kickstarter campaign.

DO’s (aka what it takes for a project to succeed)

  • Personal video

You should know that Kickstarter is a video-driven web site. Therefore, putting a video is a must. But, it’s not enough to just put a trailer.  Make it a bit personal. Tell your story, make people want to be a part of it ( why you want to make this project, what it represents to you, why it’s so important to you, etc).  People want to see/hear about YOU.

  • Unique awards

Face it, Kickstarter is all about awards. You have to give people something in exchange for their money. Make them (awards) unique, give them the copy of what you’re making. But, make sure it’s worth as much as it would be worth at a retailer (giving a 100 $ DVD doesn’t make sence, right?) Avoid overpaying your awards.

  • Strong communities

Where do backers come from?
– people who love you,
– people who follow you,
– your internet and
– more internet (if your project inspires people)

Yes, social media is really important. If you’re not yet online what are you waiting for?!?

  • Make people feel important

Emotional connection in this case is very important. People have to have a feeling that your project is their project.

  • Don’t ask people for money

This is where mistakes are often made. However it may sound strange, it’s not about the money, it’s about participation.

DON’TS (aka why projects fail)

  • Never tell anyone

What’s the use of having a project’s page on a Kickstarter if you’re not gonna tell the world about it.  Share, share, share!

  • Unrealistic expectations

200.000 $ for art project, huh?

  • No video, no effort
  • Profit, not passion

If money is all you came for, you can easily forget about it.

  • 100 $ for a dvd or tot bag

(Repeating it once again in case you skipped the above note):  Avoid.Overpaying.Your.Awards.

Additional tips:

– When deciding on how much your budget for Kickstarter project should be, go for the minimum amount needed to complete it. Why? Because you can always raise more money then your goal is (but never less)

– Ideal project length is 30 days (momentum is more important then the time). Have in mind: the longer the project, less likely it is to succeed.

– Successful projects get 125% of what they’ve asked for.

– Most common pledge is 25$; average pledge is 70$.

– Offer a range of tiers.

– First 5 days and the last 5 days are the most important.

Good luck!

IMPORTANT: Only projects who succeed in fulfilling the whole budget are considered to be successful and will be funded.

Kickstarter takes 5% of the appointed goal (only if project succeeded in its goal)

Kickstarter doesn’t support payments via paypal (only credit cards)

Payments are being done via amazon, who takes 3-4 % for card processing.

And remember:  Money may be the least important thing you get out of this ;)

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