A Big Brother Is Among Us…

Not so long ago, I received one of those ‘circular emails’ sent from a person I’ve never met (or heard of). And like it happens with every other (unwanted) email, it was ignored and moved, along with all those newsletters that are cluttering my inbox, to one of those ‘read when you start thinking about life too much’ folders (I’m sure you all have one. Right? RIGHT?)…Well, that day happened to be today so below you can read the email in full (warning: possible side effects like sleep/boredom may manifest with some of you. But hey, YOLO :)
Have fun reading…and start worrying…a BIG BROTHER is among us
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Video on Demand is a fast-growing distribution sector for films. But unlike theatrical box office reporting, cable companies and other video viewing platforms don’t report viewership in a uniform and transparent way, leaving filmmakers and the industry without any benchmarks for where audiences are engaging with their content. Liesl Copland, of WME’s Global Finance and Distribution and Digital Media groups discussed the future of Big Data and the need to change the system in a rousing speech at the TIFF Doc Conference this afternoon. She emphasized the need for transparency in the VOD industry and called upon filmmakers to demand it. Read her full speech below:

Do You (really) Need A Sales Agent?

At this very moment probably there’s no a filmmaker that didn’t question those simple but yet very important words.
I’ll spare you a longer debate on this topic and go with a simple YES. Yes you do, stop fooling yourself.
And here are the 5 main reasons on why you should go with a yes:
– you’re new to all of this;
– you have no idea how it works;
– even less you know to whom to offer your film. Now, don’t worry, you’re not the only one;
– it is definitely 24/7 hour job, not something you can do along the way;
– in other words you’ll have no time for a new project you’re starting/or plan to start (we wouldn’t like to see you giving up on it)

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Rules Of Social Media

Happy New Year! Yeap, we’re much already in 2013. I hope it will be tremendous one for all of us.
Ok, ok, I know, I could try to write about something else, besides social media. But, hey, I’m doing you a favour here. You don’t want to look back on your 140 characters today with remorse tomorrow.

So, let’s start with the 15 rules listed below:

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Press For Your Film

Looks like filling those applications (late at night), finally paid off since your film just has been invited to a prestigious film festival. Congratulations! Time for you to relax, sit back and watch people rush to see your newest masterpiece.

Wrong! With more then 110 films (approx.) at major festivals, chances you will have fully packed screening(s) are as equal as me getting that job at ‘One of the big 4′ (in other words very low. Yes, I most probably screwed up at job interview. Well,…).

So, what should you do to make people desperately wanting to see your film?

Two (magic) words: Press Release. 

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Twitter for filmmakers

Yes, I know, you’re are probably rolling your eyes and thinking ‘Oh, not another post on how to use a twitter. Why all the fuss about it? All I need to do is sign up and followers will come my way’.
Well, sorry, but I’ll have to disappoint you. First, this is not just another useless post about twitter thingy (later on you’ll see why).
Secondly, the reality is a bit different from what you’re thinking as people are not ready to blindly follow you, especially if you’re a documentary filmmaker (sad, I know).

10 rules listed below are great way for you to get those followers back (and hopefully will change the way you’ve been perceiving twitter so far).
Let’s start!

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How to nail that Kickstarter campaign

Remember how you had this great idea about super-duper future piece-of-the-art project, but you couldn’t find the right financier who would appreciate your enthusiasm and want to invest the money in it? Well, those times are over  because Kickstarter came to town (which means you don’t have to beg your mom/aunt/uncle/grandma/friend to loan you a money anymore. *score*).

Just imagine all those people out there who feel as much as enthusiastic about your idea as you are.

But,  wait! Before you head to Kickstarter page, there are some things you would like to know before.

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Using Music In Your Film

The music can be really powerful story telling device. Think about how many times you’ve heard a song that reminded you on a film you’ve watched a long time ago.

When it comes to using a music in your film there are several (legal) ways to put it into a film. It can be either:

  • through the score (anything originally written by a composer for your film);
  • using a music from a library and/or catalogue
  • using a songs (e.g. Michel Tego – Ai Se Eu Tu Pego or Coldplay – Paradise, etc. Of course if you can afford it)

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